UN 2030 SDG

Our commitment to society goes far beyond providing a clean and renewable energy source. We wish to build a better future, decarbonizing the environment and contributing to a fairer and more equal society. This way, the Sustainable Development Goals guide all our actions, from conception to execution of services.

Ensuring access to reliable and sustainable energy is what we do every day. Both our floating and ground solar plants generate CLEAN, ACCESSIBLE ENERGY without negatively impacting the environment, making CITIES AND COMMUNITIES MORE SUSTAINABLE.

KWP Energia works with commercial and large-scale plants, always close to the cities where they will be used, promoting the decentralization of the energy matrix in several states and bringing CLEAN AND ACCESSIBLE ENERGY to the population.

Floating and ground solar power plants are installed on the partners’ land providing clean and renewable energy for their own use, generating a sustainable supply chain uniting INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE.

In addition, we increase the production of energy from hydroelectric plants, optimizing the existing INFRASTRUCTURE so that it reaches its maximum production capacity, regardless of the volume of water available.

In terms of INNOVATION, our commitment is to offer and promote disruptive renewable energy solutions. In addition to having a team exclusively dedicated to monitoring and testing new technologies, we also lead research and development projects in various INDUSTRIES.

Our entire supply chain and operational processes were developed to optimize existing resources and generate a minimum of waste and impact on the environment, favouring RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION.

First, the floats, other than to not being harmful to the environment, are completely recyclable after their disposal, generating a circular economy. In addition, to ensure minimal impact, all the materials we use in our floating and ground plants have a durability of up to 25 years, requiring only periodic maintenance every 6 months.

A crucial advantage of the floating plant is that it avoids the use of land and takes advantage of an existing and unused structure: the reservoirs. It does not require excavation, deforestation, and earthmoving work, does not use heavy tools and equipment, resulting in minimal impact on the local environment, preserving TERRESTRIAL LIFE and expanding ACTION AGAINST GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE. Furthermore, its maintenance does not consume additional water resources.

The technology of floating solar panels, Hydrelio, in addition to generating clean and renewable energy, helps to preserve both LIFE IN WATER and the drinking water in reservoirs. The floats are manufactured in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and are treated against UV rays, a material that is inert and does not degrade in contact with water and/or other components. It poses no risk of water contamination and no environmental impact on the installation site.

The installation of floating solar panels also prevents water evaporation in the shaded area by approximately 70%. Furthermore, the shade created between the panels and the water surface reduces the growth of aquatic algae, which can be harmful to life in the water and human consumption.

Floating plants have reduced water consumption for their maintenance.